Taiwan’s Biomedical Champions Collectively Shaping the Post-Pandemic World


BIO Asia-Taiwan 2020 was held in Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Center from the 23rd to the 26th of July. Booth number S709 was jointly occupied by the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) and the Hsinchu, Central, and Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureaus, who presented the biomedicine innovation ecosystem put together by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

TIRI's exhibit was guided by its vision of Taiwan as a champion of biomedicine and the ability to shape the post-pandemic world. Innovations displayed at its booth included the EZsignal fast drug screening sensor, the Redeye home health appliance, and a Covid-19 antigen test kit. With its one-stop medical device accelerator service, TIRI adds value to these innovations while greatly reducing risks and research costs.

With pandemic prevention efforts at the forefront of everyone's minds, the very first day of BIO Asia-Taiwan 2020 saw a number of high-ranking officials in attendance. Under the leadership of Director General Yao-Joe Joseph Yang, TIRI has joined up with numerous academic and research institutions to form a team of Taiwan's most prestigious biomedical experts. The innovations they displayed at the event's MOST plaza drew the attention of numerous visitors, garnering positive reviews.

Director General Yang emphasized that TIRI is engaged in important work connecting up-, mid- and downstream supply chain segments, creating inextricable links between them. TIRI is committed to creating value for its clients, whether that be via meeting doctors' clinical needs, unearthing technology and patents with commercial potential, developing prototypes, or business model counseling. TIRI's goal of providing an avenue for industry to make its mark on the international market can be reached by matching medical needs with academic capabilities and industrial technology while connecting segments all along the supply chain. Working in partnership with others, TIRI can drive the industry forward and provide substantial economic value.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those from MOST and the Science Park Bureaus for their support.