2021 Annual Report of TIRI is NOW AVAILABLE Online

In 2021, TIRI continues remaining virtual communications with the world and enhancing our capabilities under strict domestic epidemic prevention and control regulations while the world is still impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. TIRI not only expands the capabilities in line with national policies to promote independent R&D and applications of high-level key instruments and components, but also actively links the academia, research, and industry from the fields of biomedicine, semiconductors, and optoelectronics. On the other hand, we also actively support medical device manufacturers to help prevent the pandemic and bridge the academia and industry, creating greater social benefits.

In the future, TIRI will continue to focus on the areas of "advanced optics", "advanced vacuum", and "smart biomedicine", refining our core and key technologies and grasping the unique demands for research of the academia community. We will actively develop "No.1 in Taiwan' and "world-leading" next-generation semiconductor equipment, cutting-edge national defense, spaceborne remote sensing systems, and anti-epidemic related instruments. It is our perspective to cultivate interdisciplinary innovative instrument technology professionals who can meet the industrial requirement. We will also provide assistance for domestic academia and industry to improve the localization capability of instruments, bridge academic R&D creativity and industrial needs to drive Taiwan's innovation and development, and then improve the quality of life. 

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