The Optical Systems Integration R&D Consortium was initiated to reduce the gap among industry, government, academia, the research community and users. It aims to jointly develop relevant optical system equipment and products through integrated process R&D and strategic cooperation. This consortium draws on resources from any quarters to achieve an industrial development consensus and enhance technological value. There are currently close to 100 alliance members, which encompass companies, academic institutions, and research organizations, including nearly 30 prominent universities. Through the establishment of the Optical Systems Integration R&D Consortium, TIRI will provide various resources, and draw on the technological capabilities of industry, academia, and research organizations, as it assists members to resolve technological and human resources problems. TIRI will strive to achieve a win-win outcome among industry and academic through the joint implementation of industrial technologies including production of large-aperture lenses, semiconductor steppers, and biomedical optoelectronic instruments. Cooperative incubation alliance agreements signed with prominent domestic universities.

In order to promote the development of start-ups and accelerate the commercialization of R&D results, TIRI will contribute its core R&D capabilities and resources to academic institutions, which will in turn provide their incubation center administrative experience, educational support systems, business guidance services, and resource integration capabilities. The proposed incubation alliance will help academic and research teams to develop new products and services, and help new start-ups.

Incubation alliance results in 2013

  1. TIRI variously signed cooperative incubation alliance agreements with National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and National Central University in 2013. This consortium will integrate the capabilities and experiences of TIRI, its academic partners, incubation centers in Taiwan, which accelerates the transformation of Taiwan's R&D results into tangible products and new start-ups.
  2. TIRI integrated its optical system design with element manufacturing and testing capabilities to join forces with National Yunlin University of Science & Technology and M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd. in the "MEMS Microlithography Process Equipment UV Light Narrow Bandpass Filter development and Coating" project, which has set a successful precedent of a win-win-win outcome for industry, academia, and research organizations.
TIRI launched the Optical Systems Integration R&D Consortium in October, 2013
UV filters used in a system were jointly developed by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, M&R Nano Technology Co., Ltd. and TIRI. The narrow bandpass filter has successfully assembled in M&R Nano Technology Co.