Registration for 2021 NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition (ASME Taiwan SPDC) starts!

2021 NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition (ASME Taiwan SPDC) opens registration till February 6, 2021.

TIRI works with ASME Taiwan to organize 2021 NARLabs Smart Machinery Competition (ASME Taiwan Student Professional Design Competition, SPDC). The deadline for registration is on the 6th of February, 2021. The winner and the winning team will receive the prize and be qualified to represent Taiwan to participate in ASME SPDC district competition. Winning team in the distric game will enter International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition.

Topic for Student Design Competition this year is "Harvesting the Sun and Wind"!  Renewable sources now generate a quarter of global electricity, possibly rising to 45 percent by 2040. Much of the increase will likely come from solar, wind, and hydropower. The ability to generate these advances in technology will require the efforts of skilled engineers who need to appreciate the challenges involved in both collecting and using renewable energy.

Old Guard Oral Presentation Competition is designed to emphasize the value of an ability to deliver clear, concise and effective oral presentations. Each presentation in the Oral Presentation Competition must be delivered in English. The subject matter of each presentation must address a technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering or other basic engineering theme, provided it pertains to some sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved.

Welcome all the undergraduate students who are interested to join us in this inspiring competition!!

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