TIRI's 2020 Annual Report Is Now Available Online

The COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on the world in 2020. Taiwan's condition is relatively more stable due to prospective prevention and control measures. For prevention of COVID-19, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) adopted online communication software and platforms to maintain communications and exchanges with the world as best as possible. Through it all, TIRI successfully signed a renewal of MOU for five years with RIKEN of Japan, and jointly published international top journal papers in the field of advanced three-dimensional metamaterials. TIRI continuously remained to engage in international science and technology research and exchange. Moreover, support provided to academia, research and industry for the fields of biomedicine, semiconductors, and optoelectronics has been TIRI's main technical mission. TIRI actively links the capacities of numerous domestic institutions in the areas to create greater social benefits.

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, TIRI will continuously focus on the development of key technologies for "advanced optics", "advanced vacuum", and "smart biomedicine". As a leading R&D institute for key instruments in Taiwan, TIRI's top priority continues to be focused on the research and development of "No. 1 in Taiwan" & "world-leading" next generation semiconductor equipment, cutting-edge national defense, spaceborne remote sensing systems, and anti-epidemic related instruments. With initiative like "experimental testing field and verification platform for academic intelligent machinery", TIRI is capable of bridging the academic R&D creativity and industrial needs to strengthen the application of new technologies for nextgeneration space, artificial intelligence, 5G, information security, and Internet of Things. TIRI will take a leading role in providing the instruments and equipment development localization capability to domestic academia and industry, and deliver the vision of creating a high value-added economy, driving domestic innovation & development, and then improving the life wellbeing of the world.

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